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In the News May - July 2010

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Novel Influenza A (H1N1) Virus
2009 H1N1 virus transmission and outbreaks
The public's response to the 2009 H1N1 influenza pandemic
Google flu trends estimates off
Good hygiene does slow spread of pandemic flu
Surveillance reports show few pandemic flu hot spots
Pharmaceutical companies earned over $3 Billion on H1N1 vaccine: Report
WHO panel offers clinical profile of H1N1
H1N1 LESSONS LEARNED   Vaccination campaign weathered rough road, paid dividends
Antibiotic Resistance
Drug-resistant bugs on rise globally: report
Dental Office Safety
Spring into safety
Dental x-rays and the risk of thyroid cancer: a case-control study
Disinfect water with light
Emergency Preparedness
AHRQ guides help hospitals with emergency evacuation plans
Emergency action plan checklist
JADA supplement: Managing emergencies in the dental office
New emergency preparedness information available for dental offices
Emergency management guide for business and industry
The nature and frequency of medical emergencies among patients in a dental school setting
Cardiac arrest in medical and dental practices: implications for automated external defibrillators
Environmental Health
US facing 'grievous harm' from chemicals in air, food, water, panel says
Musculoskeletal disease and disability in dentists
Causes of musculoskeletal disorders in dental hygienists and dental hygiene students: a study of combined biomechanical and psychosocial risk factors
Ergonomic design for dental offices
Musculoskeletal disorders amongst practising South African oral hygienists
"Going Green"
Team rethink green
Why the dental industry should go green
Hand Hygiene
Tracking hospital hand washing
Real-world proof of handwashing's effectiveness
CDC joins WHO push for better hand hygiene in healthcare
New frontiers in implementation and measurement of hand hygiene practices
Infection Control in Dentistry
The best weapon against infection transmission is knowledge!
Communicating infection control
Common areas of cross-contamination
Temperature and humidity may effect virus survival on surfaces
An investigation of the disposal of dental clinical waste in Ibadan City, south-west Nigeria
Infectious Diseases
Treating HIV also prevents its spread, study finds
Dengue epidemic threatens Caribbean, kills dozens
CDC: Waterborne disease a costly problem in the US
Blood-borne viruses: are we taking them seriously? A survey of UK oral and maxillofacial surgeons
New US AIDS policy targets prevention
WHO: Flu activity builds slowly in the Southern Hemisphere
Pertussis Activity Spiking in Several States
Measles outbreak kills 82, infects thousands in Malawi
Diagnoses of HIV infection and AIDS in the United States and Dependent Areas, 2008
Cold sore virus may contribute to cognitive and brain abnormalities
At least 28 types of new-flu virus entered Japan during 2009 outbreak
New research points to prevalence of Acinetobacter in the community
Tuberculosis most deadly of 'neglected' diseases
Smallpox demise linked to spread of HIV infection
Faster, stronger, deadlier: the MRSA superbug
Two-thirds of child deaths in 2008 due to infectious diseases, report finds
At front lines, AIDS war is falling apart
Hepatitis infections behind US rise in liver cancer
Primary tuberculosis masquerading as gingival enlargement
WHO issues updated TB treatment guidelines; experts say lack of trials in TB/HIV patients 'striking'
Tuberculosis part 4: Control of Mycobacterium tuberculosis transmission in dental care facilities
Instrument Processing
Lost socks and instrument cassettes
Instrument processing, work flow and sterility, assurance
Latex Allergy
The German experience 10 years after the latex allergy epidemic: need for further preventive measures in healthcare employees with latex allergy
2010 ADA Annual Session: Orlando, FL
FDI World Dental Congress
Occupational Health
Prevalence and associated factors of musculoskeletal pain among the dental personnel in a dental school
The right angle for avoiding pain
Occupational injuries in the dental practice and how to avoid them
Stress in the workplace: Britain's £26bn epidemic
MMWR: Acute antimicrobial pesticide-related illnesses among workers in health-care facilities
Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
What's happening to your hands?
I don't have a thing to wear
Antibacterial lab coats to help prevent spread of disease in hospitals
Vaccines and Immunology
IDSA urges mandatory flu shots for health workers
Millions of vaccine doses to be burned
New meningitis vaccine could stop outbreaks
Guillain-Barré risk same for H1N1 and seasonal flu shot
Why patients aren't getting the shingles vaccine
Progress made toward universal flu vaccine
Studies show rotavirus vaccines drop kids' hospitalization rates
MMWR: Use of combination measles, mumps, rubella, and varicella vaccine
Inhalable measles vaccine seen as treatment boon
Seasonal flu vaccine uptake rose in 2009-10
Water Quality
US water system needs better enforcement, smart investment to ensure quality

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