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Sponsorship, Exhibit, & Advertising Policy

OSAP Exhibiting Standards

OSAP welcomes exhibitors because they constitute an important means of keeping the dentist informed of new and better products and services for their practices. However, exhibits, products, booth backdrops and promotional materials must be factual, dignified, and tasteful, and provide useful product and service information. These standards similarly apply to all product specific promotional material submitted to OSAP. That a company has exhibited at an OSAP boot camp or annual meeting must not be referred to in any advertising or promotion, nor is exhibiting to be construed as an endorsement or approval of the company or any of its products or services by the Association or its Foundation. However, a company may reference its current participation to encourage attendees to visit the company’s exhibit table at the meeting itself. OSAP may accept or reject any application to exhibit in its sole discretion, and has full and final authority to interpret, amend or supplement these Guidelines, Rules and Regulations. Exhibitors, by applying for and accepting exhibit space, agree to abide by these Guidelines, Rules and Regulations and any that may hereafter be adopted. Exhibitors who violate any of these Guidelines, Rules and Regulations may be subject in the sole discretion of OSAP to exclusion and/or restriction, as well as sanctions outlined herein.

General Eligibility Requirements

1. Exhibits must not be deceptive or misleading. All claims of fact must be fully supported and meaningful in terms of performance or any other benefit. OSAP reserves the right to request additional information as needed. Exhibits will not be accepted if they conflict with or appear to violate OSAP policy, OSAP Guiding Principles or its Constitution and Bylaws, or are deemed offensive in either text or artwork, or contain attacks of a personal, racial, or religious nature. OSAP reserves the right to decline an application for any product involved with a government agency challenge or denial of product marketing, and for any technique or product that is the subject of an unfavorable or cautionary report by an agency of OSAP.

2. Products or services eligible for exhibiting at the OSAP boot camp or annual meeting must be germane to, and effective and useful in, the practice of dentistry. However, products and services offered by responsible companies that are not related to dentistry, but are of interest to dentists, may exhibit, at the discretion of OSAP, but will not be assigned space until all dental-related companies receive their assignments.

3. Exhibitors certify that promotional materials and exhibit products satisfy applicable government laws and regulations such as equal opportunity laws and regulations covering new drug applications and prescription drug advertising. For example, products that require approval by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for marketing must receive this approval before being eligible and must include “full disclosure” when required. It is the sole responsibility of the exhibitor to conform to regulations of the FDA and all legal requirements for the content of claims made for products. Acceptance of exhibiting at the OSAP meeting is not to be construed as a guarantee that the manufacturer has complied with such laws and regulations.

4. Complete scientific and technical data, whether published or unpublished, concerning product safety, operation and usefulness should be made available during the exhibition to support claims, if and when requested.

5. Promotional literature and booth copy may cite, in footnotes, references from dental and other scientific literature provided the reference is truthful and is a fair and accurate representation of the body of literature supporting the claim made.

6. Comparative advertising claims for competing products and services must be substantiated adequately. Companies wanting to make comparative claims must comply with the American Dental Association’s (ADA) Criteria for Substantiation of Comparative Claims. Unwarranted disparagements or unfair comparisons of a competitor’s products or services will not be allowed.

7. Nonprofit/governmental agencies can reserve one complimentary 6’ exhibit table.  Additional exhibit tables may be purchased at the regular published rate. There will be an area reserved in a high-traffic area for nonprofit organizations/governmental agencies. Exhibit tables at the complimentary rate will be placed at the discretion of OSAP. Nonprofit organizations/governmental agencies will receive the following with their exhibit table: 

  • 6’ Exhibit Table (includes 2 chairs)
  • (1) Complimentary event registration if exhibiting at Boot Camp
  • (2) Complimentary event registrations if exhibiting at Annual Conference
  • Organization/agency link on website and mobile app
  • Organization/agency listing on PowerPoint
  • Organization/agency listing on sponsor signage
  • Organization/agency listing in program guide

8. Exhibits with respect to employment, purchase of practice, participation or any other contractual relationship with any dental care delivery mode or system may exhibit (at the sole discretion of OSAP) and will be assigned space as OSAP deems appropriate.

9. An exhibit which includes promotion for a future educational course is eligible if it is offered by a provider that is recognized by the ADA Continuing Education Recognition Program (ADA CERP) or conducted under the auspices of the following organizations: an ADA constituent or component dental society, an ADA recognized dental specialty certifying board or sponsoring organization; an accredited dental or medical school; or any organization specifically referred to in the Bylaws of the ADA; and educational Approval for Continuing Education (AGD PACE). Eligibility for a course conducted by or under the auspices of an organization or commercial entity other than the aforementioned will be determined on a case-by-case basis and in the sole discretion of OSAP.

10. The exhibitor and the product or service being offered should be clearly identified. In the case of drug promotions, the full generic name of each active ingredient will appear.

11. Promotions that simulate editorial content must be clearly identified as advertising. The word "advertisement" must be displayed prominently.

12. Guarantees may be used by exhibitors provided the statements that are “guaranteed” are truthful and can be substantiated. No guarantee should be used without disclosing its conditions and limitations. When space or time restrictions preclude such disclosures, the promotion must clearly reveal where the full text of the guarantee can be examined before purchase.

13. Exhibits and related collateral must not quote the names, statements or writings of any individual, public official government agency, testing group or other organization without their express written consent. Guidelines for the use of testimonials are available upon request.

14. Miscellaneous products and services not specified in these standards may be eligible to exhibit on a case-by-case basis, at the sole discretion of OSAP.

For questions regarding the OSAP Exhibiting Standards, please contact the exhibit office at +1 (410) 571-0003 or [email protected].

Rules and Regulations

1. Exhibit Space Agreement: By submitting the agreement for exhibit space, the exhibitors’ release OSAP (hereby referred to as Show Management) from all liabilities to exhibitor, its agents, licensees, or employees that may arise because of submission of an agreement or participation in this exhibit. Acceptance of an agreement does not imply endorsement by Show Management of the exhibitor’s products, nor does rejection imply lack of merit of product or manufacturer. Show Management has the sole right to determine eligibility of any company or product for inclusion in the Exhibit Hall. Show Management has the right to move any Exhibitor’s location in the Exhibit Hall for any reason.

2. Payment & Cancellation Policy: Payment is due with signed agreement. Space will not be held until payment is received. If Exhibitor, for any reason, must cancel participation in the Exhibit Hall, Exhibitor must notify Show Management in writing and refunds will be issued based on the following schedule:

  • Cancellation three months prior to event: 50% of total contract
  • Cancellation between three months prior and one month prior: 25% of total contract
  • Cancellation after one month prior: No refund

If due to war, fire, strike, terrorist acts, exhibit facility construction or renovations project, government regulation, public catastrophe, act of God or other cause beyond the control of Show Management, the show or any part thereof is prevented from being held, is canceled by Show Management or the Exhibit Space becomes unavailable, Show Management at its sole discretion, shall determine and refund to the Exhibitor an amount up to but not exceeding what has been paid by the Exhibitor to Show Management. In no case shall the amount of the refund to Exhibitor exceed the amount of the exhibit fee paid.

3. ADA CERP Commercial Support Conditions
  • Statement of Purpose: Program is for scientific and educational purposes only and will not promote the Company's products, directly or indirectly.
  • Control of Content and Selection of Presenters and Moderators: OSAP is solely responsible for selection of course content, instructors and moderators based on their qualifications, independence, and balance. The Company will not suggest speakers or direct the content of the program.
  • Disclosure of Financial Relationships: OSAP will ensure meaningful disclosure to the audience at the time of the program, of (a) Company funding and (b) any significant relationship between the Provider and the Company (e.g., grant recipient).
  • Involvement in Content: There will be no "scripting", emphasis, or direction of content by the Company or its agents.
  • Ancillary Promotional Activities: No promotional activities will be permitted in the same room as the educational activity. No product advertisements will be permitted in the same room as the educational activity.
  • Objectivity and Balance: OSAP will make every effort to ensure that data regarding the Company's products (or competing products) are objectively selected and presented, with favorable and unfavorable information and balanced discussion of prevailing information in the product(s) and/or alternative treatments.
  • Limitations on Data: OSAP will ensure, to the extent possible, meaningful disclosure of limitations on data, e.g., ongoing research, interim analyses, preliminary data, or unsupported opinion.
  • Opportunities for Debate: OSAP will ensure meaningful opportunities for questioning or scientific debate.
  • Independence of OSAP in the use of Contributed Funds: 
                      - funds are to be in the form of an educational grant made payable to OSAP;
                      - all other support associated with this CE activity (e.g., educational materials, course supplies, etc.) must be given with the full knowledge and approval of OSAP;
                    - no funds from the company will be paid directly to the program director, instructor/author, or others involved with the CE activity.
  • OSAP and the Company agree to abide by all the requirements of the ADA CERP Recognition Standards.
  • OSAP shall acknowledge educational support from the Company in program brochures, syllabi, and other program materials.
  • Upon request, OSAP shall furnish the Company with a report concerning the expenditure of the funds provided.

4. Exhibit Space: Exhibitor shall not harm, deface or damage the Exhibit Hall or any other area of the conference venue or any of its contents, or cause or permit the same to be done. Exhibitor shall not place or permit to be placed any nails, hooks, tacks, screws, or any device into any portion of the conference venue. Exhibitor shall not use or permit the use of any tape, glue, cement, or any other compound to fasten signs, banners, or any other form of display or advertisement to any portion of the conference venue. Exhibitor is liable for any damage caused by Exhibitor, or its representatives to building floors, walls, or columns, or to the property of other exhibitors. Exhibitors may not apply paint, lacquer, adhesive, or other coating to building columns or floors or to standard booth equipment.

5. Dismantling: Exhibitors are required to remain open during the scheduled times listed in the Exhibitor Service Kit. Exhibits may not be dismantled before Show Management officially closes the show floor. Exhibits must be removed by the exhibitor from the show floor after the conference. Exhibitor agrees to return and restore the exhibit space, at its sole expense, to the same condition in which it existed prior to the Exhibitor’s occupancy. Exhibitor shall be liable for all storage and handling and cleaning charges resulting from the failure to remove exhibit material from the Exhibit Hall by the deadlines listed in Exhibitor Service Kit.

6. Noise Levels: Exhibitors agree that noise levels must be kept to a minimum as not to interfere with other exhibits. Noise from any equipment of any kind must be kept within the confines of the exhibit space. Exhibitors may not demonstrate any equipment or cause any noise that may be objectionable to surrounding exhibitors.

7. Fire and Safety Regulations: Exhibitor agrees to comply with and accept full responsibility for compliance with all federal, state, and municipal fire and safety regulations.

8. Equipment or Machinery: Exhibitor assumes all responsibility for equipment and machinery that is to be part of their exhibit. Exhibitor understands that he/she must work with Show Management for placement of this equipment and to obtain any necessary permits and is solely responsible for the cost associated with installation and dismantling equipment.

9. Alcoholic Beverages: The use of alcoholic beverages by exhibitors on the Exhibit Hall floor is prohibited.

10. Exhibit Hall Admission: Show Management shall have sole control over Exhibit Hall admission always.

11. Representatives: Representatives, including models or demonstrators, must be properly registered and wear badges. Individuals under the age of 18 are not permitted on the show floor anytime during the show.

12. Indemnity: Exhibitor agrees to indemnify Show Management, the conference venue, members, officers, directors, agents, and employees of each of these entities against and hold them harmless for any claims arising out of the acts or negligence of the Exhibitor, his agents, or employees, or out of labor disputes. Exhibitor further agrees to assume all risk and indemnify and hold harmless Show Management, the conference venue, members, officers, directors, agents, and employees of each of these entities from and against all claims, liability expenses and damages of any kind or nature arising out of or about damage to or loss of any property belonging to Exhibitor or Exhibitor’s employees, agents, contractors, representatives, patrons and/or guests.

13. Liability and Insurance: All property of the exhibitor remains under their custody and control in transit to and from the exhibit hall and while it is in the confines of the exhibit hall. Neither Show Management, the management of the exhibit hall nor any of the officers, staff members or directors of any of the same are responsible for the safety of the property of exhibitors from theft, damage by fire, accident, vandalism or other causes, and the exhibitor expressly waives and releases any claim or demand they may have against any of them because of any damage to or loss of any property of the exhibitor. It is recommended that exhibitors obtain adequate insurance coverage, at their own expense, for property loss or damage and liability for personal injury.

14. Americans with Disabilities Act: Exhibitor acknowledges its responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) to make its booth accessible to handicapped persons. Exhibitors shall also indemnify and hold Show Management, the conference venue, members, officers, directors, agents, and employees of each of these entities harmless against cost, liability, or damage which may be caused by Exhibitors failure to comply with the requirements of this Act.

15. Exhibit Hall Traffic: No demonstration or activity that blocks aisles or prevents ready access to other exhibits shall be permitted. Show Management reserves the right to remove any such activities or equipment that in their sole opinion creates an obstruction within the Exhibit Hall.

16. Union Restriction: Exhibitors are required to observe all union contracts in effect between Show Management, its official contractors, all venues and facilities and any other organizations. Show Management cannot take the responsibility for interference with the show caused by disputes involving union personnel and individual exhibitors.

17. Exhibitor Activities: Exhibitor agrees not to schedule meetings or activities that encourage the absence of attendees from the conference or Exhibit Hall during official exhibit or conference hours.

18. Behavior/Good Neighbor Policy: Exhibitors are required to keep all booth activities within the confines of their exhibit space and not interfere with aisle traffic flow or access to neighboring exhibits. Activities may not disturb neighboring exhibits. Demonstrations, booth giveaways and literature must directly relate to the exhibiting company product, business or mission and not be offensive in any manner.

Exhibitors are required to conduct themselves and operate their exhibit so as not to annoy, endanger or interfere with the rights of others at the show. Show management reserves the right to deny access to the exhibition floor to exhibitors not conducting themselves in a professional, ethical, and otherwise appropriate manner. Unsportsmanlike, unethical, illegal, or disruptive conduct, such as tampering with another party’s exhibit, another party’s contracted sponsorship activity and/or materials, or engaging in corporate espionage is strictly prohibited. Photographs by an exhibitor of another exhibitor’s product or display is strictly prohibited unless both exhibitors provide a written agreement.

19. Literature Distribution/Giveaways Policy: Circulars, catalogs, magazines, folders, promotional, educational, or other giveaway matter may be distributed only at the exhibitor’s display and must be related strictly to the products and/or services on display or eligible for display, and for products which are directly available from the exhibitor. Distribution of materials outside the exhibitor’s table is strictly prohibited and exhibitors must confine their exhibit activities to the space for which they have contracted.

No exhibitor may distribute or leave behind merchandise, signs, or printed materials in the registration areas, meeting rooms, or public areas of the event site, including hotels, shuttle buses, parking garages, etc., without written prior approval of show management.

Only literature published or approved by show management may be distributed in the registration area, meeting rooms, exhibit hall (outside the individual displays) or on transportation provided by show management. Canvassing on any part of the facility property is strictly prohibited and any person doing so will be requested to leave the premises and their material will be removed at the same time.

20. Raffles/Drawings and Contests Policy: Raffles, drawings, and contests, if permitted by law, are allowed in an exhibitor’s space but will be regulated by show management. Show management reserves the right to limit the promotional activity anywhere on the exhibition floor as they see fit to ensure a professional and safe atmosphere. These activities include and are not limited to, handouts, contests, lotteries, promotional activities, entertainment, raffles, and drawings.

21. Social Functions/Special Events: Any social function or special event planned by an exhibiting company, to take place during the OSAP show hours, must be approved by OSAP, and not conflict with official show events.

22. Exhibitor Agreement: Exhibitor acknowledges receipt of the Exhibit Hall rules and regulations and by submitting the agreement agrees to abide by these rules and regulations as set by Show Management.